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Fast-growing consulting and services company

in the serialization and Track and Trace field.

About us

Eastern Consulting is a dynamic and fast-growing consulting and services company in the serialization and Track and Trace field.


Our mission is to support each and every company who is getting ready for the upcoming traceability requirements set by the governments around the globe.


Our goal is to make sure that our clients meet these deadlines in timely matter without exhausting their internal resources.


We provide companies with following services

Master Data Management
Master Data – is a crucial part of every serialization project. This type of data will be used for different purposes depending on the market that the company is operating in. In some cases, this data might be used by company’s partners during their manufacturing process. In other cases, government might require such data for the reporting purposes.
Trade-Partner On-boarding
Trade-Partner – today’s pharma supply chain is very complex and might involve a lot of parties. It is very common for pharma companies to outsource their manufacturing to companies (CMO/CPO) who are capable of producing/packaging products. One of key serialization requirements is exchange of serialized information between Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) and the CMO/CPO for the reporting or security reasons. Partner on-boarding is usually number one reason why companies are behind the schedule.
Training and Educational Services
Educational – serialization is a new topic with rapidly changing environment. There are multiple factors which can initiate changes.
  • Partners
  • Governments
  • Internal Changes
  • Industry Standards

It is important to keep your newcomers and the rest of your team up to date.

System Maintenance and Administration
Maintenance – every system requires maintenance and support especially in the field of serialization and Track and Trace. Moreover, introducing a new product to the market or adding a new partner to your network will trigger a set of activates that will be required to complete in order to comply with the regulations.

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